Stadia Solutions Weekend Report 9th December 2018

Last week was the second round of the Checkatrade Trophy, meaning double fixtures for some of our clubs and a number of them progressing to the next round. Good news for our attendance figures but also good news for our advertisers, who receive all cup fixtures as additional value.

We had a total attendance of 384,958 fans across all our clubs – making it our third biggest of the season! 

Top 5 clubs for this week are:

Celtic – 58,457

West Brom – 47,462

Burnley – 40,238

Wolverhampton – 31,300

Cardiff City – 30,067

Stadia Solutions Weekend Report 25th November 2018

This week’s total attendance was 155,251 with many of our clubs playing away from home. This weekend see’s the start of the busiest month of the football season as we are fast approaching Christmas. We will also see the second round of the FA cup and the next round of the Checkatrade Trophy being played, adding some extra value for our advertisers with a few of our clubs playing at home for these rounds. This includes the latest addition to the Stadia Solutions family – Mansfield Town FC. They have kicked off their partnership with us with a Screwfix campaign running across all 60+ of their poster panels.

This weeks top five attendances are:

Wolves – 30,130

Stoke City – 24,291

Ipswich Town – 22,995

Watford – 20,540

Barnsley – 13,573



Stadia Solutions Weekend Report – 18th November 2018

England beating Croatia in the UEFA Nations League at the weekend means two things. One, a small amount of redemption after the World Cup in the summer. Two, our weekly attendance figures are on the slim side due to the international break.

This weeks total attendance tops out at 93,423. Notably, 11,988 of those attendances are a result of the latest round in The Checkatrade Trophy. Providing a nice amount of added value to our advertisers.

The top attendances this week are:

Sunderland: 30,727

Peterborough United: 10,153

Luton Town: 10,004

Notts County: 7,024

Bristol Rovers: 8,003

Focus On: Sunderland AFC & The Stadium of Light

With a capacity of 48,707 the Stadium of Light is the sixth biggest football ground in England. Making it Stadia Solutions second biggest ground overall (after Celtic). If that doesn’t make it worthy of its own blog post, I don’t know what does!

Given its name to reflect the strong coal mining history of the region, the stadium features a monument of a Davy lamp outside, to honour the miners of the Wearmouth Colliery, who for many years, carried with them a Davy lamp as part of their working lives.

The much-loved home of Sunderland AFC was completed in 1997 and replaced the club’s former home of Roker Park. The Stadium’s attendance record currently stands at 48,335, when Liverpool visited Wearside in April 2002. It is also a well-respected venue on the European music circuit and often hosts concerts for big name artists.

Our ad formats within the Stadium of Light include 200 A3 washroom posters and 40 large format concourse posters. For further information and the poster specs please click here.

With a successful run of history within top flight football, a period of bad luck/managers has seen Sunderland drop to the third tier at the end of last season.  However 2018/19 could be set to be a very successful season for Sunderland AFC after these back to back relegations in recent years.

Currently sitting in second place in the Football League One table, the ultimate goal of promotion to the championship will be at the forefront of the clubs mind as the race against Pompey for the top spot will really be on after Christmas. The Black Cats are also enjoying a lucrative involvement in the Checkatrade Trophy, where they are expected to qualify top of their group and they have just been drawn to play Walsall away in the second round of the FA Cup.

All of the tournament games played at the Stadium of Light are additional value to our advertisers as we only charge for guaranteed league game fixtures. So The Lads are providing plenty of added value to our customers this season.

We all know Football Fans are a loyal bunch and the average fan attendance of 30,068 so far this season is testament to this.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of your company advertising on either our A3 posters in washrooms or larger concourse six sheet posters at Sunderland AFC’s Stadium of Light (or any of our other grounds), please email us or drop us a line on 020 7100 4545.

Stadia Solutions Weekend Report 11th November 2018

With the impending international break (and the controversial return of Wayne Rooney!) we will be seeing a much smaller attendance report at the start of next week. But first for last weekends fixtures and despite many of our clubs playing away from home we still reached a total of 216,518 fans over the remembrance weekend.

Our top five clubs for attendance last week were:

  1. Sheffield United – 30,261
  2. Cardiff City – 29,402
  3. Southampton – 28,153
  4. Crystal Palace – 25,685
  5. West Brom – 25,661

Stadia Solutions Weekly Report 3rd November 2018

Another week of fixtures done and dusted and somehow we are now in November! We had a fair amount fewer home games than the previous week but still a respectable attendance figure of 228,473 across the home fixtures.

This week’s top five clubs are:

  1. Celtic – 58,831
  2. Wolverhampton – 31,185
  3. Cardiff City – 30,877
  4. Stoke City – 24,553
  5. Ipswich Town – 15,129


Stadia Solutions Weekly Report 28th October 2018

This past weekend has seen our biggest attendance figure to date with a whopping 418,809 fans passing through our turnstiles. Many of our clubs had two home fixtures which contributed to the bumper week of attendance for our advertisers.

This week’s top five clubs for attendance are:

  1. Norwich City – 50,420
  2. Sheffield United – 48,892
  3. West Brom – 46,668
  4. Sunderland – 30,894
  5. Southampton – 30,736

Have a good week all!

Why are Football Clubs good for local advertising?

Football fans are a wildly diverse bunch. There are very few aspects of modern day life where people of different backgrounds, class, age, race & even political views can find common ground and feel part of a community because of their love for a club. This diversity enables a wealth of targeting opportunities for a huge variety of businesses.

Clubs see hundreds of thousands of fans pass through their turnstiles annually, giving advertisers a broad reach within a unique environment. Football advertising within stadiums reaches fans in their free time at the weekends. This naturally generates longer dwell times than typical OOH advertising, with the average fan spending a leisurely two and a half hours within the stadium on match days.

Placing ads within the local football club gives businesses a link to the club. Fans understand the benefits of football advertising and the support that this provides to their club. In short, association with a club gives businesses a positive affiliation from a fan perspective.

With a number of different advertising formats available advertisers can stick to a single format or create a full user experience, speaking to fans as they enter the stadium, when they are having a drink, when they are watching the pre game coverage on FanTV (available at selected clubs only) and even when they visit the Gents!

What better way to connect a local business to the local community than to strategically place your company’s ad within the local football club?

Stadia Solutions weekly report 21st October 2018

Business as usual for the most part this week after last week’s international break, giving us an attendance of 294,065. Our top five clubs this week are boasting some generous attendance figures, notably on Saturday Stoke City saw their highest league crowd outside of top flight football for 56 years!

Top five venues this week:

  1. Celtic – 58,452
  2. Wolves – 31,144
  3. Cardiff City – 29,681
  4. Stoke City – 28,160
  5. Blackburn – 20,929

Stadia Solutions weekly report 7th October 2018

It’s been a busy week for our clubs this week, with the majority of them playing a home match. Good news for us as it saw us hit one of our highest attendance figures of the season so far with a total of 367,324 fans across the weeks fixtures.

Top five venues this week:
1. Southampton – 30,663
2. Sunderland – 28,727
3. Crystal Palace – 25,715
4. Sheffield United – 25,360
5. Norwich City – 24,992

Stadia Solutions weekly report 30th September 2018

This week saw many of our larger clubs playing away from home, but we still provided our advertisers with a whopping 263,525 fans across the week’s fixtures.

Some of these fixtures were cup games, which you may recall are added to advertisers’ packages for free (we only guarantee league games so everything else is added bonus).

All in, so far our average weekly audience this season is just over 304,000, so this week is a smidge lower than average, but we expect a bumper week next week.

Top fives venues this week (some clubs would have had two games):
1. Celtic – 59,143
2. Wolves – 52,709
3. Cardiff City – 30,411
4. Norwich – 25,034
5. Blackburn Rovers – 14,440

Stadia Solutions weekly report 23rd September 2018

So this week saw our biggest audience of the season so far with a whopping 451,681 faithful fans coming through our turnstiles to see our fantastic advertisers’ advertising on our awesome posters and screens. Ok, well they probably went to watch a game of football instead, but they still would have seen our advertisers’ advertising.

Why such a big number compared to our weekly average of 300k? Well quite a few of our larger Championship clubs had two home games, and while Celtic were away in the league, they had a home tie in the Europe League.

Anyway, it all combined to deliver our biggest set of numbers so far this season.

Top fives venues this week (some clubs would have had two games):
1. Stoke City – 47,751
2. Sheffield United – 47,382
3. Celtic – 47,287
4. West Brom – 45,614
5. Cardiff City – 32,321

Stadia Solutions weekend report 16th September 2018

This week saw the return of the Premier League and Championship after the international break, but mainly thanks to Southampton not playing until tonight, we saw a slightly under average total of 173,075 people coming through our turnstiles.

But that’s still pretty big when you think about how else you can buy a similar sized audience (with the engagement we have), and more importantly how much more expensive it is to buy that audience. And is that other audience as targeted as ours with as little wastage?

Anyway, here is our top five for the week of 9th to 16th September 2018…

Top fives attendances this week:
1. Wolves – 30,406
2. Norwich City – 24,462
3. Watford – 20,537
4. Blackburn Rovers – 15,82
5. Bolton Wanderers – 13,581

*If clubs have two games in the week their numbers are aggregated above.

Stadia Solutions weekend report 9th September 2018

A relatively quiet week for our clubs this week, what with the international break and all that, but we still delivered a great triple-figure audience across the twelve clubs that played at home outside of the top two tiers. A very respectable 113,999 to be precise:

Top fives attendances this week:
1. Sunderland – 37,011*
2. Portsmouth – 19,645
3. Charlton Athletic – 11,591
4. Barnsley – 11,468
5. Wigan Warriors – 9,559 (Rugby League)

*If clubs have two games in the week their numbers are aggregated above.