As you may have noticed, we've spent a bit of time of our website recently to make it easier for potential advertisers to see what we've got to offer. Well, more to the point, to show potential advertisers the different ways they can access the 350k-400k football fans that go through our clubs' turnstiles each week.

If you think we're missing anything then please feel free to reach out and tell us, after all we want this section of the website to be as easy to use as possible, as well as being as relevant as possible.

So the section starts with the main advertising page It's a simple enough structure with everything running from the menu at the top of the page. In here you'll find a page on each format:

  • FanTV - our concourse TV system giving brands the chance to advertise to fans on matchday who are being entertained by the TV content being shown on screen
  • Six sheets - our larger format concourse paper posters placed around each ground offering engagement with fans in groups while they are likely talking about the game or something else to do with the club
  • A3 posters - we've got over 5,000 A3 sized posters in washrooms giving advertisers that desired one-on-one engagement for 30-60 seconds. These offer relatively high frequency as well with most fans visiting the loos three or four times per game

You'll also find links to our advertising social media accounts, too: Twitter and LinkedIn

You can then have a look at our map, which shows you where each of our clubs are - this will be developed as time goes by to give more information on each club.

Next we have a clickable list of our clubs (which you can also access from the main menu league by league) which will give you a direct link to a page on every club we work for, from Celtic in the North to Portsmouth in the South.

Lastly we have a few images on our gallery, although if you want images for specific clubs then you can find them on each club's page, along with the advertising poster specs.

That's it, not the most exciting blog post in the world but hopefully a useful one. If you think of anything that we can add to the site to make things easier for you,  or if you would like to discuss the possibility of your company advertising on either our A3 posters in washrooms, larger concourse six sheet posters or our concourse TV systems at one or more of our grounds, please drop us a line on or call 020 7100 4545.