Stadia Solutions partners with Consultics to Offer Stadium Technology and Fan Engagement Expertise in Qatar and Cyprus

Stadia Solutions, the international sports entertainment marketing and technology consultancy,

has signed an agreement with Cyprus and Qatar-based Consultics to expand its services into those markets.

Stadia Solutions and Consultics have established a reciprocal business agreement which will allow the London-based consultancy to expand its business to the Republic of Cyprus and the State of Qatar. The strategic alliance will allow both companies the opportunity to grow in these regions.


Stadia Solutions’ stadium technology and fan engagement expertise has clear opportunities in Cyprus and Qatar, which are both boosting their football facilities, particularly in Qatar in the run-up to the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

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Together with Consultics, the partnership will offer rights holders, advertisers and associations the latest in-stadia technology solutions, helping them unlock new fan engagement opportunities through the intelligent deployment of LED, concourse TV, social media and WiFi solutions. With rights holders and brands increasingly demanding access to digital and social platforms to reach and engage fans, Stadia Solutions and Consultics will help deliver smarter revenues for smarter venues.


Gordon Campbell, co-CEO, Stadia Solutions, said, ”We are excited about this alliance between the two companies. Consultics are a marketing consultancy agency with a strong interest in sport, they have relationships with the clubs and brands in Cyprus and Qatar and are looking for some in-depth expertise from partners like us who can bring the innovation from the UK and the Premier League.


“With the FIFA World Cup coming in six years time, Qatar is advancing with a number of stadium projects that will offer the most modern facilities and technology. Owners are aware that the better equipped their stadiums are in terms of technology and fan engagement, the better they can develop revenue streams and relevant sponsorship platforms for brands.

Stefanos Nicolaou, CEO, Consultics, said, “Stadia Solutions were the ideal partner for us. We have in-depth knowledge of the clubs, fan profiles and the dynamics of stadium investment in this region, and they can help us to develop this further with their expertise in using the latest technology to create smarter venues and amplify audience engagement. They are also experts in unlocking this technology to create new revenue streams.”


For more information, please contact Jim Curtis or Lizzie Hannaway at Stampa Communications 07825 951 425 / 0207 242 7814/ 0207 580 2850


Notes to Editors:

About Stadia Solutions

Stadia Solutions is a leading international sports and entertainment marketing agency and technology consultancy. We specialise in developing Smarter Venues for our clients, who include sports clubs and rights holders from the entertainment sector. Using the latest technology and consumer insights, we amplify audience engagement and create new commercial assets for any venue. No matter what the size of the audience or the budget, there is a bespoke Smarter Venue solution to fit all needs including WiFi, FanTV networks and IPTV systems, LED Screens, Digital and Static advertising formats

About Consultics

Consultics specialises in helping companies access the Middle East and Gulf regions with a specific focus on the Qatari and Saudi Arabian markets. They work with companies to create tangible opportunities that meet the specific needs of different markets. Consultics focus on marketing concepts which combine Innovation, Technology, and Enhanced Marketing Solutions. They are headquartered in Cyprus with a presence in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. 

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