How do you know who sees your Out Of Home advertisement? What, or whose, numbers are you buying and using when you plan your campaign to decide what should be spent where? How do you know these numbers are correct and/or reliable?

These are some of the questions that many advertisers have in their mind when thinking about buying particular sites from, or working with, a media owner.

And (usually after seeing how great we are at delivering audiences in large quantities pretty quickly) we get similar questions posed to us when talking to prospective advertisers.

So, what we thought we would do today is start a new series of blog posts which dive in depth in to what can seem to be the murky waters of OOH audience measurement. Spoiler alert: it’s not so murky as you think.

The big advantage we have over most OOH media owners is that we don’t have to guess our footfall. How come? Simply it comes down to ticketing – we know exactly how many people are in each of our grounds for each game, and so do you, just tune in to Sky Sports Football Centre on a Saturday afternoon and any updates in the second half will have the attendance detailed.

It is pretty immediate as well. In fact, with the advent of digital turnstiles (think Oyster cards & barcodes) at many grounds we know how many are in the ground on an hourly basis. For example, did you know that roughly 15% of fans turn up over an hour before Saturday 3pm kick-offs? (We’ll be exploring these data more in the future in-case you’re interested.)

We can get clever, through our use of WiFi tracking. and work out audience flows around the grounds. We can use this to make sure your advertising gets in front of the groups within our audience that you want to target. And I bet you didn't know this, but we actually work with stadium operations & security teams to make sure our concourse sites go in places where people congregate (meaning you get dwell time and the stadium gets optimal customer flow).

We can also make some pretty robust assumptions about OTS & impacts through looking at how many times on average each fan visits the bar and toilets on matchdays.

Hopefully you’ll agree that, as we said earlier, it’s pretty easy to build an accurate picture of how many people see each of our sites.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of your company advertising on either our A3 posters in washrooms, larger concourse six sheet posters or our concourse TV systems at one or more of our 40+ grounds, please drop us a line on or call 020 7100 4545 and ask for Mat Court.